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Bargainer of month(BOM)

Bargainer of month (BOM) will be awarded for each selected product within each city. Prizes are as follow for offers made:

  • Highest discount percent: Rs. 1007
  • Second Highest discount percent: Rs. 717
  • Third Highest discount percent: Rs. 517

Bargainer of month (BOM) is monthly contest. We will remunerate to the bargainer who avails maximum discount percent for each product we select at end of month. To become a BOM you need to bargain and offer best deals you may have and beat the offer made by us for the products selected by us.

How can I offer deals I have?

Select any product from our wide variety of product catalog. On each product page you may offer deals you have.

Can I make offer to products not in top 10 lists?

Though we select only few products from top 10 lists for the month. You may offer deals on products not in top 10 lists. Our members may be interested and in such case we will arrange special deal between you and our members. However, even though the percent of discount is higher then any product selected for month you do not qualify for BOM.

When I will get paid if my deal is selected?

You will be get paid only after completion of deal and all goods are received by our customers satisfactorily.

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