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Why Bargain१७?
When we go to purchase any product/service we need to either negotiate with shopper/service provider or need to purchase in group to have best negotiated price. It is not always possible to create a group for similar product/service you are looking for. We are here with solution; BARGAIN१७ is aimed to help in creating a group of similar product or service that you are looking for.     Top


What if I do not have regular internet access?
We are providing few offline methods to operate your Bargain१७ account.      Top


What is the meaning of "New Request for the month"?
For every month you can specify requests of products or services you would like to have at end of month. By this way every user of our website will make a request out of them common products or services are selected.      Top


I am Very good at bargaining. I can get product at low price than what you offer.
We have a separate dedicated team to get best deals from the suppliers. We are always looking for good personnel who can do best bargaining for our members. If you would like to join our team to offer best deal to our members, while earning for your skill of bargaining, send your complete details to us     Top


What does "Recommend to a Friend" mean?
All items at BARGAIN१७ have a "Recommend to a Friend" option. Using this, an email is sent to your friend on your behalf, with a recommendation message.


BARGAIN१७ does't provide service in my city.
We always look for opportunity to expand our services to more cities. As soon as we find any responsible person to handle all the operations in that city, we will surely do that. If you or anyone in your contact willing to start BARGAIN१७ services in your city please send us complete details.


What is a My Account
It will show current balance of your transactions, total order amount till date etc.      Top


What are your Shipping Charges?
Shipping Charges are applicable at actual for the products delivered at your delivery address.


What about other taxes and levies like sales tax, octroi etc.?
It will be charged as per the prevailing tax structure and rules of government at actual. We will provide complete details of such levies.


Do you deliver to locations outside cities you are operating ?
Right now we are offering our services to cities listed by us. You may check regularly or signup for our newsletter to get informed about all proceedings on BARGAIN१७


What do I do in case I receive a defective / damaged item from BARGAIN१७?
You need to report about defective/damaged product within 7 days, after receiving product to respective supplier and BARGAIN१७. All products are covered by warrantee or guarantee offered by the suppliers. Though, BARGAIN१७ will extend all possible help to resolve any issue, BARGAIN१७ is in no way involved for after sale services.


How can I return a product ordered from BARGAIN१७?
You need to return the product within 7 days, after receiving to respective supplier and report to us. Though, BARGAIN१७ will extend all possible help to resolve any issue, BARGAIN१७ is in no way involved for after sale services.     Top


What are the various methods by which I can pay for order?
offers you a variety of convenient payment options to choose from, so that you can transact at BARGAIN१७ conveniently in a secure manner. Current payment options:
    - cheque*
    - Demand Draft*
    - Money Order*
    - Cash
    - Collect & Pay
                * - subject to payment realization.
We are in process for availing additional payment methods, for your Convenience.     Top


What is the BARGAIN१७ Pre-paid account?
Pre-paid account is a feature which allows you to create an account with BARGAIN१७; and maintain a credit balance by sending in any amount in advance. You can use the account to then shop regularly without going through the process of paying for each order separately, every time. For more details on how to create and use your pre-paid account, please read our section on the BARGAIN१७?> Pre-paid Account.


Do you accept international credit cards on BARGAIN१७?
We are in process of availing this facility to our members.     Top


BARGAIN१७ will just be another mediator.
team is aimed to reduce number mediators between you and manufacturer. We avail you best deal for the products or services selected. We have number of income resources for eg. Our advertisers. Support our advertisers if it is of your interest.    .     Top


How safe is my personal information with BARGAINecho १७;?
we are committed to protecting your personal information with us. For more details, please do read our Privacy Policy.     Top


Is there any minimum quantity to be ordered?
we consider all orders equal, irrespective of their values and quantity.      Top


Can I use separate delivery address for different product or service?
We are in process to implement this feature ASAP.     Top


Can I cancel or change the request after it is placed?
Yes. To cancel or change the request, click on the current requests link in the middle right of any page on the site. Click on cancel or change link to the right of each request until the request phase is requested.      Top


How do I check the current status of my requests/previous orders?
Please visit current request page to know current status and rank of the product or service you had requested. If you would like to see your previous months requests you should visit previous requests page for the same. While to know the requests that are fulfilled(orders) by BARGAIN१७ please visit order history page for the same.     Top


My request is showing 'Pending Approval' state. What does it mean?
When you request any new item, we check item for correctness and non-existence of item in our system. We will also update its MRP and image if available.     Top


How do I contact you regarding my any query?
You can contact us using from here, we will be glad to help you. You can also chat with one of our Customer Service Representative using the Live Help link available to the left of search box on every page of the site.     Top


How can I keep myself updated about the events, developments, promotions and offers at BARGAIN१७?
You can subscribe to newsletters of BARGAIN१७ which get\' emailed to subscribers on a regular basis. To subscribe please update 'your' "profile".      Top

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