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GROUP shopping Implies BIG discounts

BARGAIN १ ७    H O W   I T   W O R K S.

Bargain १ ७ shops

We will define particular shop types from where you can do shopping for all range of products from shop. You have to show your interest in shopping at particular shop type by posting your vote to that shop. You may send your suggestion to us

Bargain १ ७ products
Following list of steps will explain you how this site will work for you:

1. Make your shopping request between 10th to 25th of every month.

2. We close collecting more requests after every 25th of month.

3. We select & send the list of selected items to all members for Verify shopping requests. So members can change request if required.

4. Each member has chance to make their request even they haven't made request during new shopping reuqest phase. Members who do not like to do any change, doesn't require to take
any action from them. We will automatically consider them as confirmed order for the members who had posted requests for selected item and haven't taken any action between 26th of month to 5th of next month.

5. We again send email to members who have done Verify shopping requests with the price finalized with the supplier

6. Members have who have done Verify shopping requests, will have final chance to confirm/change/cancel the request within 6th to 10th of next month else we consider it as confim and proceed accordingly.

7. By 20th of next month member who had confirmed their orders will receive the product as per their shipping and payment preferences. Please note that after sale service is responsibility of supplier and we will provide complete detail about the service provider if applicable.

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