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Mega Shops

A marketplace to market your products & services by just spending

16% of minimum cost

to build & market your own website. Some of the key features:
  • Ample space to market your product or services globally
  • Display your products, contact details online
  • Display price list online
  • Ability to manage online inventory / stock
  • Outstand your competitors with minimum budget
  • Adds star value to your visiting card
  • NO hassle of hiring expensive WEB WIZ
  • NO burden of getting it developed and tested
  • NO computer WIZ required to maintain
  • NO advertising required. We will do it for you.
  • NO more shutter down on Holidays & weekly off's.

Is it suitable for my business?

If you like to get following tripple advantage at price of one, it is for you:

  • Minimum cost
  • Internet advertising
  • Without maintenance headache

Do you have any sample?

You can view sample site by clicking here.

Market offers my own site in Rs. 5,000 only, why should I go for you?

First rule applies is Unity is the strength. If everyone puts their site seperately the weightage of site is not as much as they were in one place. Today on internet community sites are hot, why is it so, it allows people get connected with similar minded people at one place. We are introducing same concept that is people have one source to find all web shops in one place instead of searching them here and there.
Addition: By popular demand we are now allowing to launch mega shop on your own domain by just paying additional Rs. 800/year.

I need completly different layout, then your site has, what should I do?

As of now you can't have different layout for your site. We are planning on implementing it soon. We will let you know when it is available. As of now you may leave feedback stating "Interested if my own layout is possible" from here

How will you market our website?

Your business will get listed with leading search engines for any plan you select. However, on our site, it differs for each mega shop type. Select the best one you find suitable for you:

  • Standard Mega Shop: Random banner on mega shop section
  • Modern Mega Shop: Random banner on mega shop as well as on product page, which is related to your business.
  • Advanced Mega Shop: Random banner on mega shop page, product page & home page of our site.
We are supposed to receive 5000+ hits on mega shop section.

Uptil when your current special offer is valid?

We are offering current special offer on First anniversary of our site. Offer is valid till April 7th 2008.

When my mega shop will be live?

We are launching Mega shops on April 2nd 2008. Based on order sequence we will put your mega shop live. We expect to put all mega shops live by end of April, 2008.

What is the cost?

We are offering following mega shops:


Normal Price
First anniversary offer

Rs. 3,400/-
Rs. 2,300/-

Rs. 6,400/-
Rs. 5,200/-

Rs. 8,500/-
Rs. 6,500/-

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